Nutrition with a Vision

There’s so much in life to experience, but without optimal health and vitality you may never reach your highest potential. We believe it’s critical that we harness our own power to create lasting, sustainable choices starting with what we put in our bodies.

We’re a small, passionate Toronto based team pursuing the audacious mission of creating the world’s tastiest, healthiest and most sustainable premium snack bars, and we couldn’t do any of it without your support.
Thank you for helping bring this vision to life and a warm welcome to the Haven tribe!

Alexandre Herber

Chef, Product Developer

Karen Barbalat, NM


Emery Bishop


You Just Can't

The Canadiana – 12 Pack

True Nutrition, Strong and Free

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The Amazonia – 12 Pack

Wild Adventurer Superfood Snack

$60.00 or $54.00 / monthSelect options